ID #:
October 21, 2018

Dear sponsor,

My name is Anna, and I am five years old. I live in a village. My dad repairs cars, and my mom looks after my little brother and us. My older sisters attend school. They love me very much and play with me when they come back from school. My friend’s name is Katia. She is very kind and fun to play with. We play with dolls, watch cartoons, or go out together. My family celebrates Christmas together or visits our grandparents. I haven’t gone to school yet; however, I attend daycare. I really like the soups my mom cooks for me. At home, I usually eat soup, porridge with meat, and salads. Before the holidays, my parents go to the market or store to buy groceries, and then my mom cooks something tasty. In my free time, I play games, go out, or play games on the phone. I don’t know yet what I want to be when I grow up. Dear sponsor, thank you so much for your willingness to help my family and me. I would be very grateful if you could help us.


Caseworker’s comments:

Anna, the youngest among the girls, faces challenges due to limited time and emotional support from her mother. Engaging in creative activities, like painting the room, has become an outlet for her during her sister’s absence from school. While Anna shows a positive attitude, her mother acknowledges signs of Down syndrome, leading to concerns that we hope to address as we become better acquainted with the family through our program. The mother, managing the difficulties of raising children with a challenging husband, has been unable to prioritize medical examinations for Anna. Despite the hardships, Anna and her sisters are friendly, talkative, and find solace in attending church with a neighbor.

Material support, especially diapers, baby food, and groceries, is a pressing need for the family. Establishing a connection with the father and improving their living conditions are additional challenges they face. Despite the father’s presence, the family copes with alcohol abuse, further complicating their situation. The mother, currently on maternity leave, grapples with financial limitations and the responsibility of caring for the children. Due to the family’s situation, they are unable to receive assistance from the government.

Oleh, the father, is unemployed and struggles with alcohol addiction, displaying aggression towards his family. The living conditions for the children are terrible and distressing, with the house requiring extensive repairs. The walls are wrecked and cracked, the roof of the house is almost collapsing, and the doors are broken. The children share a room with the parents. The family relies on firewood for heating, and the restroom is located outside. When we (caseworkers) saw the living situation of this family, we couldn’t believe how a family could live in such conditions. Their neighbor has been a great help for the family, she has been helping as much as she can by giving the family food and has allowed the family to use her washroom so they can shower and better enhance their hygiene. She has also helped Anna’s mother with some medical finances. But there is so much their neighbor can do.

The family’s situation, marked by the father’s neglect, is distressing. Anna’s mother struggles to provide even basic amenities, their home lacks food, proper heating, and adequate hygiene facilities. Your support can make a significant difference in alleviating Anna and her family’s urgent needs.