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August 17, 2014


Dear sponsor,

My name is Bohdan, I’m 9 years old and I’m in the 3rd grade.  My favorite subject is Computer Science. We study different computer programs. My best friends are my classmates Mira and Dasha. We shared food like cookies, candy and apples. I live with my grandmother, mother and sister. My sister’s name is Alina, she’s 14 years old. In my free time, I play with cars and constructors. I also like doing parkour with my friends when we go outside. We have pets at home: our male cat Karas, our female cat Sonia and our turtle Tamatela. I have to take care of them. Besides, I also do wrestling. I want to become strong and protect weaker people. My dream is to start swimming. I’m very happy that now I have a friend in Canada. Thank you for your desire to be my friend and help my family.

With love,


Caseworker Comments:

Bohdan, a young boy full of energy and warmth, radiates with his hyperactive spirit and vibrant personality. He thrives in the great outdoors, finding solace and joy in solitary play. Despite his constant motion, his diligence and persistence shine through in everything he does. His love for animals knows no bounds, as he lovingly cares for his two cats and turtle, ensuring their well-being with unwavering dedication. Amidst his favorite pastimes of constructing intricate worlds with LEGOS and racing toy cars, Bohdan finds refuge in school, particularly in Physical Education and IT classes. However, his infectious laughter belies a silent struggle – Bohdan grapples with upper respiratory tract abrasion, requiring ongoing medical attention to continue reveling in the activities he cherishes.

In the embrace of a family marked by openness and sincerity, Bohdan finds strength. Yet, their journey is fraught with challenges, their smiles often masking deeper needs. Financial support is sought not just for sustenance but for the nurturing of dreams and the healing of wounds. Bohdan’s world is a microcosm of resilience and love amidst adversity. Raised by his grandmother and supported by a devoted older sister, he bears witness to a mother’s unwavering love despite her battles with addiction and health issues. Olha’s past is fraught with shadows, a testament to the human capacity for redemption and forgiveness. Despite her struggles, she remains a pillar of support, nurturing her children’s education and providing what little she can.

Their home, though filled with love, echoes with unmet needs. With leaking sinks and ailing infrastructure, the humble house yearns for repair and renovation. Beds are scarce, with Bohdan sharing a sofa with his mother, while his sister finds solace beside their grandmother. Amidst these challenges, hope flickers like a lone candle in the dark. Through prayers and external support, there lies a promise of transformation. Together, we can weave a tapestry of healing, providing not just material aid but a lifeline of hope and compassion. For Bohdan and his family, every gesture of kindness is a beacon of light in their journey toward a brighter tomorrow.