Name: Bohdan
ID #: UKR-RV-02850
Age: 3

Birth date: September 12, 2015
Country: Ukraine
Community: Rivnensky / Dubno

My name is Bohdan and I am almost 3 years old. My family and I live in a picturesque village. Its name is Hlynsk. My village is very big and surrounded with forests from all sides. There is a lake in the middle of our village. There is a river flowing through this lake. Its name is Svyda. The inhabitants of this village are hardworking and friendly. The members of my family are hardworking too. My father works on the railroad. He watches and fixes trains and makes sure that they work properly. My mum works at home: she looks after me and makes sure that the family has clean clothes and the tastiest food. My father says that I am very smart and might become a doctor because I can use a glucometer by myself. I don’t cry when I get injected. I like taking everyone’s temperature, especially Svitlana’s (my sister) temperature. She goes to school and she is my best friend. 

Caseworker’s comments

Bohdan isn’t a calm boy and he often cries. He likes helping in the garden and wash dishes. The parents have been married for 24 years and have 4 kids. The family is friendly and hardworking. Bohdan was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 1 year old. The parents take care of Bohdan very well. He loves his sister Svitlana and looks forward to her coming back from school. Svitlana is an 8th-grade student. Father Vasyl works on the railroads and gets a low salary. Mother Oksana gets child assistance and it is low too. The family has to spend a lot of money Bohdan’s medical treatment. They also need to pay a lot of money for house bills. The family lives in an old wooden house which consists of three rooms. The older kids, who are married, and their families also live in this house. The living conditions are satisfactory. This family needs your support very much.