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December 5, 2018


Dear sponsor,

My name is Denys, I’m 5. I live in a very beautiful mountain village. I live with my mother, granny, and brother. He has an inborn disability – rheumatism, and for this reason I often spend time with him. Both my mom and granny aren’t working now, and I attend a school preparation course. I enjoy spending time there. My best friend is my brother. We two spend a lot of time together, and sometimes when the disease isn’t deteriorating, we play football.  I celebrated Christmas at home together with my family. Mom and granny usually cook holubtsi (cabbage rolls with meat filling), as it’s our favorite dish. And then we visit my friends from school and their parents treat us with lots of delicacies. We don’t have a big assortment of food at home, usually it’s some kind of porridge or potato. In my free time I like building something, drawing or playing football. When I grow up, I’d like to become a doctor to treat sick children like my brother. Hopefully, I’ll succeed in achieving it. Thank you, my sponsor, for your kind heart and for helping me and my family.

I hope God will always protect you.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Denys, a precious and compassionate child, shows love and warmth that touches the hearts of all who know him. His tender affection extends first and foremost to his beloved mother, Mariia, his cherished brother, Marian, and his dear grandmother. Despite his tender age of five, Denys exhibits remarkable independence, maturity, and a sense of responsibility that belies his years. In every corner of their humble home, Denys’s caring spirit shines brightly. He eagerly takes on tasks, from diligently making his bed to tidying his toys, caring for his younger brother, and lending a hand with the dishes. His actions speak volumes of his innate kindness and willingness to contribute, even amidst his own health challenges.

Denys’s journey has not been without obstacles. Born with Congenital Hydronephrosis, a condition that poses serious risks to his kidney health, he faces daily battles beyond his tender years. Despite the financial poverty his family endures, Denys’s mother and grandmother struggle to afford the medical attention and medication crucial for his well-being. Yet, amidst adversity, Denys remains a beacon of joy and faith. His unwavering devotion to Jesus is evident in his participation in summer camps and Sunday school, always alongside his devoted mother. Even in the classroom, his passion for learning shines through, particularly in subjects like Math and Art, where his creativity knows no bounds.

But behind Denys’s radiant smile lies a family grappling with immense challenges. Mariia, his dedicated mother, tirelessly strives to provide for her children and ailing mother despite their dire financial circumstances. With Mariia on maternity leave and his grandmother working as a cleaning lady, their income barely sustains them, exacerbated by the absence of Denys’s father, who offers neither support nor alimony. The stark reality of their living conditions paints a grim picture. Their dilapidated home lacks basic amenities, with cooking done on a stove in the corridor and water fetched from an outdoor well. The need for essential facilities like a bathroom, toilets, and running water looms large, alongside urgent repairs to the crumbling structure and furnishings.

Moreover, the financial strain of Denys’s ongoing medical needs weighs heavily on the family. Both children require regular examinations, medications, and clothing, further stretching their already limited resources. The burden is particularly taxing on Mariia and her mother, grappling with their own congenital diseases while striving to provide for their family’s well-being.

In the face of such adversity, Denys’s family stands united, their love and resilience serving as a guiding light through the darkest of days. Yet, they cannot weather this storm alone. They require not just financial assistance, but a compassionate hand extended in support of their journey towards brighter tomorrows. With your sponsorship you can uplift Denys and his family, offering them the hope and assistance they so desperately need.