Name:  Denys 

ID #: TN  01280
Age:  11 

Birth date: December 27, 2009 
Country: Ukraine
Community: Ternopil Oblast

Greetings from Ukraine, dear sponsor!

My name is Denys and I am eleven years old. I live with my grandma and older brother Oleksandr in the beautiful city of Ternopil. Oleksandr is fourteen years old and he likes doing sports, helps the grandma do the housework and protects me when someone tries to offend me.

I am in the fifth grade and go to school on foot because it is just ten minutes away from my home. The lessons begin at 10 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. I like school because there I have plenty of friends and a lot of fun. My teachers are very kind. I learn various subjects at school. I especially like literature and PE. My best friend is my classmate Vitaliy. He is just and always comes to help. We play games together and both of us love soccer. In my free time, I enjoy shooting and editing a video.

My dream is to become a professional cameraman to shoot video clips and movies.

On the summer holidays, my grandma and I go swimming and sunbathing to the lake. I also like riding a bicycle. My brother and I also go to Hart Summer Camp with the local church which we really like.

My family celebrates different holidays. I especially love Christmas period during which we are attending church and singing carols. My grandma is very good at cooking. I really like pelmeni (dumplings), varenyky filled with potatoes and potato pancakes. My grandma usually cooks borscht, various soups, cutlets and sometimes pizza. On holidays, my grandma always tries to cook something especially tasty.

I am eager to learn something about you. What do you do? Could you please tell me about your family? Where do you live? I would like to thank you for making time to read my letter. I hope that you will answer it. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

With deep respect and kindest regards,


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Denys is a very kind and active boy who loves animals and is always ready to come to help. He can easily find  things to talk about with his classmates and does well at school.

Denys`s dream is to become a cameraman when he grows up.

There are three people in his family: Denys, his grandma, who is his guardian, and fourteen-year-old brother Oleksandr. Denys`s parents led a bad lifestyle abusing alcohol and neglecting their children and as a result, they were deprived of parental rights in 2014. Later the parents left the country and totally forgot about their kids. Because of that, the grandma had to become Denys`s guardian.

The kids have not seen their mother for almost seven years; she has not kept in touch with them. Their father comes home every now and then – unfortunately, he does not come to see his kids but to ask his mother (their grandma) for financial support. The grandmother is not able to give to their father. The grandma receives low pension and child benefits which are not enough to provide for two kids. Therefore, the grandma found a job as a janitor to cover the basic needs of her grandchildren.

They live in a three-room apartment  and they earn a little income by renting out one room. The apartment needs renovations and basic repair. The furniture and home appliances are old and are in poor condition. The grandma always keeps the apartment neat and tidy.

How great is the love of this grandmother to take over care for her grandsons.  How great is Gods love to care for everyone.  How great it will be when Denys can tell his older brother about his sponsor. How great it would be to see Denys go to school to achieve this dream of becoming a professional cameraman to shoot video clips and movies. How great it would be to see a video that Denys has created and shared with the world!