Name: Denys 
ID #: UKR-RM-01110
Age: 3

Birth date: September 22, 2015
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RM) Molodavo, Rivne region

My name is Denys. I am 3 years old and require full time care from my mother since I am disabled. I live in Dubno town. My father works as a car mechanic and my mother doesn’t have a job. I have two brothers who are very active and like playing games very much. I enjoy looking at bright toys. I like eating yoghurt and bananas. Dear sponsor! Thank you very much for being interested in me and your willingness to help my family and me! May God richly bless you!  (Written by Denys’s mother and a caseworker from local church)

Caseworker’s comments

Denys is disabled and cannot hold his head. He cannot chew or sit so he must be held and fed by an adult. Denys can swallow food and he is only reacting to sounds. The relationships are very friendly and warm in this Christian family. The parents take care of their children. The kids are obedient and well-mannered. Much of the family budget is spent on Denys’s medical treatment. He has a massage therapy and other kinds of medical procedures for two weeks every other month (six time a year)  Denys needs extended rehabilitation once a year to help him with his disability. These medical procedures are very expensive. The money the father earns is not enough to provide food, clothing and supplies for the other children. The family lives in a small house in which there are two rooms and a kitchen. The house is neat and tidy. Sponsorship for medical support and food will ease the strain on mother who must stay at home with Denys and care for him day and night.