Name:  Denys

ID #: UKR-LH-01060
Age:  8 

Birth date: October 7, 2012

Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast (LV)

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Denys and I am an adult already – I am eight years old. I live with my mother in the beautiful city of Lviv. My mother works as a seamstress. My brother goes to a vocational school. I have a friend at school and his name is Dima. We like playing tag together during a school break. My best friend is Andriy and we like playing soccer together. I am in the second grade and I walk to school with my cousin. I usually spend 4-5 hours at school. When my brother has classes he is not able to walk me home, I have 2-3 hours of after school program. My favorite subject is “Discover the World” which is very interesting. I like the summer and Christmas holidays as all children do. In summer, I enjoy swimming in the lake and playing with toy cars. I like to play soccer with my friends. At Christmas, I like visiting my friends and going to church with my mother and brother. Also, my family, friends, and relatives gather to sing Christmas carols and eat tasty food then. My favorite food is pasta with cutlets and chocolate for dessert.

I haven`t decided yet what I want to be when I grow up but I know for sure that I will be a good person.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for helping my family and me. Thank you so much for your kindness. I enjoy communicating with good people and I will be very happy to get a letter from you. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Denys is a calm and level-headed boy. He likes studying and discovering the world. Denys is also friendly and polite and he loves animals. The members of his family get along with each other. Andriy, Denys`s older brother, helps him with homework, takes him to school, and always protects him. Denys`s father had serious health issues (cancer) for a long time and underwent several surgeries. Recently he passed away. Denys`s mother did not work during the time she looked after her husband. After her husband`s death, she resumed her job and now she works very hard trying to provide for her kids. However, it is quite difficult for her physically and emotionally to provide for her kids. Her husband was a church member.  As the caseworker from the local church, I  have been talking with Denys`s mother about God and have invited her and the boys to attend church meetings and events.  Because the father had health issues for a long time, a lot of money was spent on his medical treatment. Some good people helped this family with medicine. The mother also borrowed money for treatments and appointments. She has been good at managing her money but has never managed to get ahead.  The family lives in a two-bedroom old house which needs to be repaired.  The living conditions of the family are safe.

Denys is blessed to have a mother who is trying to provide for him and his brother.  The pain of cancer has impacted this family.  It is hard to manage as a single mother when you had dreams of a long life together.  You can show Gods’ love to this family and help them find friendship with the local church and caseworker.  Hart Sponsorship Program will not only provide food packages but summer camp and activities as these boys grow up to be young men