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August 11, 2012


Dear sponsor,

My name is Denys, I’m 11. My mother is a householder for now, she takes care of me, my sisters and brother alone. My best friend’s name is Oleksander, because we have the same interests, we study together at school. We like to play football together. For Christmas we sing carols. During my summer holidays I visit my grandparents. I go to school on foot and spend their 6 hours. When I’ll grow up, I’ll study to become an IT specialist. Thank you very much for your help to our family. May God bless you!


Your Denys

Caseworker’s Comments:

Meet Denys, a bright young boy with a promising future ahead. Known for his open-mindedness and infectious friendliness, he effortlessly forges connections wherever he goes. His caring nature shines through in his deep love for his mother and siblings, as he shoulders the responsibilities of being the eldest with grace. From being a role model for his younger siblings to helping in household chores and running essential errands, Denys embodies both maturity and compassion beyond his years.

Despite his challenges, Denys excels academically, particularly in Math and Art, where his passion truly ignites. However, his joyous demeanor belies a constant battle with health issues, including vegetative-vascular dystonia, for which he urgently requires treatment. Sadly, financial constraints have impeded his access to the care he needs.

Born into a close-knit yet troubled family, Denys’ father’s departure left his mother, Snizhana, to navigate the hardships of single parenthood. Despite sporadic work and inconsistent government aid, she struggles to make ends meet for her four children. Their cramped living conditions in a dilapidated apartment only exacerbates their challenges, with no relief in sight.

Having known this resilient family since 2020, I’ve witnessed Snizhana’s unwavering dedication to her children’s well-being. She defies familial scrutiny and societal norms to provide her children with love and opportunity, despite the difficulties she faces. Now, more than ever, they need our support.

Your contribution could be life-changing for Denys and his family, offering them the hope and stability they deserve. Let’s come together to ensure that Denys and his family feel cared for, cherished, and empowered to thrive despite their adversities.