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ID #:
November 8, 2013


Dear sponsor,

I am in the 4th grade. I go to school on foot and spend there about 5 hours a day. When there is an air raid alarm we go into the shelter. Our teachers don’t let us go home since it’s dangerous. Dear sponsor, I want to wish you good health and a peaceful sky. I also want to thank you for helping me and my family. Tell me more about yourself, please. 

– Dima

Caseworker Comments:

Dima diverges significantly from his brother both in appearance and demeanor. Often feeling slighted in church and struggling to forge connections with other children, he finds it challenging to endure lessons due to his youthful impatience, yearning instead for play. However, he exhibits a remarkable affinity for adults, readily offering assistance and showcasing his love for singing.

As a dutiful child, Dima diligently fulfills his mother’s requests, undertaking chores such as dishwashing, bed-making, trash disposal, and floor sweeping. His leisure pursuits include soccer and bike riding, while he eagerly attends Sunday school with his brother without fail. Despite his energetic nature, poor eyesight poses a persistent health concern exacerbated by the family’s financial constraints, which hinder his access to adequate diagnosis and treatment.

The family dynamic is complex, with the father’s tumultuous past from a previous marriage casting a shadow over their present circumstances. Due to his lifestyle, addiction, irresponsibility, his first wife deprived him of his parental rights. Hence, he now has a large debt with alimony and no relationship with his first son who is now 19 years old. Dima’s parents, now married, live in a rented apartment filled with mounting debts and unmet repairs. While the father’s occupation as a minibus driver offers some stability, his periodic struggles with alcoholism plunge the family into turmoil, often resulting in horrible financial straits.

Amidst these challenges, the mother shoulders immense burdens, both morally and financially, while also endeavoring to nurture her children’s educational development. Their current apartment, though spacious, harbors a sense of emptiness, with one room lying unused and in need of repair. Despite the family’s extreme financial situation, their church community rallies around them, offering support and assistance in various forms, from school supplies to groceries.

Through the benevolence of their church and neighbors, the family finds solace and hope amidst adversity. Bonds of friendship and faith strengthen, providing a beacon of light in their darkest hours. As they navigate this turbulent journey, there’s a collective resolve to support Dima and his family through initiatives like the Mission Heart project, offering regular visits and aid to ease their burdens and guide them toward a brighter future.