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June 12, 2018


Dear sponsor,

My name is Elina, and I’m a little girl who experienced the onset of war at the age of three. Before the conflict, I attended daycare and had speech therapy classes, but they had to be stopped due to the war, leaving me with speech difficulties. Now, at almost six years old, I’m introverted and shy, finding it hard to communicate with others. I miss my hometown, Berdiansk, which was occupied, and the fear of living through war haunts me.

Despite the hardships, I find joy in simple things like treats from my mom and the soft dog toy I received as a gift. My family had to move several times, and now we live in Ternopil. I spend time with my sister and take care of my baby brother while learning letters and numbers with my mom. I dream of attending music school and becoming a military member when I grow up.

Life is uncertain, and I miss my dad, who serves in the military and can’t be with us often. My mom lost her job due to the war and now cares for another child besides me and my siblings. We would be immensely grateful for any support from you, dear sponsor. I’d love to hear about how you celebrate holidays in your country and get to know you better.

Thank you,

Caseworker Comments:

Elina, an active yet shy girl, used to attend daycare and received speech therapy classes before the war. However, with the onset of the conflict, she became more withdrawn, and her speech abilities deteriorated, requiring further therapy sessions alongside psychological support. She often retreats into a world of imagination, where her toys seek refuge in a make-believe bomb shelter during air alerts, avoiding interactions with peers and adults due to her shyness. Despite these challenges, she finds solace in activities such as playing with her brother and coloring pictures, with drawing and singing being her favorite pastimes.

Elina also grapples with health issues like poor eyesight myopia, compounded by her speech difficulties, which significantly impact her childhood. Despite their struggles, Elina and her family, originally from Berdiansk, maintain a close bond, having endured hardships during their displacement to Ternopil. Elina’s father, a military man, supports the family with his monthly salary of UAH 24,400, albeit facing financial constraints due to various expenses, including rent, alimony, and groceries. He lives separately from his family, contributing to their hardships.

As internally displaced individuals, they currently reside in Ternopil, where the mother and children live in a sparsely furnished rented apartment, struggling to make ends meet. Facing the imminent cessation of IDP benefits, they appeal for support, particularly regarding groceries, as they transition to a new phase in their lives. Despite their longing for their former home in Berdiansk, which has been plundered and rendered uninhabitable, they find themselves starting anew with their grandmother in Ternopil, confronting the need for financial assistance to sustain their basic needs, including rent, medical expenses, and household essentials. Elina and her family are in urgent need of your support.