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ID #:
April 16, 2020

**Kateryna requires both Regular Pledge + Medical Pledge**

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Kateryna, and I am three years old. I live in a village. My father is out of work and my mother is a chef’s assistant at school. My sister’s name is Oleksandra, and she loves going to church. I often get ill, so I spend more time at home than in kindergarten. I like pasta, fruit, and sweets, but because of my allergy, I cannot eat everything I like. I dream of becoming a teacher in kindergarten when I grow up. Dear Sponsor, thank you for your desire to help me and my family.

I am looking forward to getting a letter from you.

(the letter was written by Kateryna’s mother, as Kateryna cannot write yet)

Caseworker Comments:

Meet Kateryna, a petite yet capable young girl who exudes charm and independence. She effortlessly engages with other children, showcasing her vibrant communication skills. Her hobbies range from piecing together puzzles to unleashing her creativity through drawing and playing. With melodies learned from her grandmother, she joyfully serenades those around her. However, amidst her spirited nature lies a struggle with health complexities, battling allergies that dictate her childhood, necessitating ongoing treatments. She constantly needs to breathe through an inhaler. The doctors have mentioned that Kateryna will require her to go through an extensive period of examinations after she turns four to get a closer look at her medical condition. As a result of her health conditions, Kateryna is unable to attend kindergarten. This burden weighs heavily on her family, who face a plethora of needs, from clothing and footwear to medical expenses.

Despite these challenges, Kateryna’s mother strives to create a safe haven for her children. Recently relocated to a rented house with the help of their church community, they’re grateful for the provided furniture and amenities, marking a stark contrast from their previous living conditions.

Kateryna’s mother, Maryna, hails from a large but disadvantaged family, where hardship was a constant companion. She courageously navigates life as a single mother of three, having escaped an abusive marriage. Kateryna’s father, Vitalii, is currently unemployed due to his alcoholism. Vitalii isn’t providing alimony to any of his children. Maryna’s resilience shines through as she diligently works as a chef’s assistant at school and navigates the complexities of raising her children, sustained by the support of her church and community.

As they navigate this journey, the family’s reliance on the sole income of Maryna underscores their ongoing need for assistance. Despite promising prospects on the horizon, they still require support to meet their diverse needs and provide a stable environment for their children. Kateryna’s sister, Oleksandra, is currently suffering from a severe form of scoliosis and poor eyesight. As for her older brother, Andrii, is taking on the role of guardianship and role model for his younger sisters.

In essence, Kateryna’s story is a testament to the strength of familial bonds and the transformative power of community support. Kateryna and her family are still in urgent need of your support.