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January 11, 2016


Dear sponsor,

This is Kateryna’s mother, who is writing to you. My daughter is 8. She studies in grade 2. I also have three sons with disabilities. I’m not working at the moment. I receive two hundred hryvnias for the children from the government. I don’t have a husband. We live in poverty, there’s no gas or water in the house. Kateryna loves everything I cook, but the situation with food is difficult. She likes to play, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have toys. As well as that, she enjoys singing, dancing and playing. I will be extremely grateful to you, dear sponsor, for the support of my family at this wartime.

Caseworker Comments: 

Kateryna is a radiant and compassionate child, her smile shines brightly despite the challenges she faces. Her deep affection for her mother and brothers knows no bounds, and despite her own disabilities, she tirelessly strives to assist them in any way she can. Sadly, the harsh grip of poverty has deprived Kateryna of the opportunity to read and write proficiently, limiting her access to education and the world of words. In the classroom, where her favorite subject is mathematics, Kateryna finds solace and excitement, her mind buzzing with numerical possibilities. At home, she eagerly pitches in with household chores, taking on the tasks of cleaning and washing dishes with a sense of responsibility beyond her years. Yet, during her daily routines, Kateryna finds her true joy in the realms of creativity, whether it’s through her enchanting drawings or the tactile joy of molding plasticine into creative shapes.

But beneath Kateryna’s cheerful face lies a reality marred by illness and financial hardship. Enuresis and various viral illnesses cast a shadow over her childhood, demanding attention and care that her family struggles to provide. Born into a close-knit family, Kateryna finds herself surrounded by love but also affected by challenges that test their determination. The absence of her father weighs heavily on Kateryna’s family, leaving her mother, Olena, to bear the weight of parental responsibility alone. With three older brothers afflicted by severe disabilities, the burden on Olena’s shoulders becomes almost unbearable. Each sibling grapples with their own challenges, compounded by the financial strain that permeates every aspect of their lives.

Their home,  a wrecked and awful house requires extensive repairs, stands as a testament to their struggles. Crumbling walls, leaky ceilings, and inadequate amenities paint a stark picture of deprivation and neglect. The floor is rotten as the wood is a horrific state, there is not shower in the house, and there is also not a toilet. Mold permeates the air, posing a health hazard to Kateryna and worsening her already fragile state. The house is located up the mountains which further complicates their situation. Yet, within the dilapidation, there is a glimmer of hope—a plea for assistance, for a helping hand to lift them out of poverty’s grasp.

Kateryna’s mother, with unwavering determination, refuses to submit to despair. Together, they cling to faith and resilience, seeking solace in prayer and the belief that brighter days lie ahead. But the road ahead is fraught with obstacles, and they cannot navigate it alone. No child should endure such hardship, no family should be left to fend for themselves in the face of such adversity. Your help would mean the world to Kateryna and her family.