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ID #:
October 4, 2016


Dear Sponsor,

Dear Sponsor, my name is Maksym Kravchenko. I am seven years old. I live in a town. My father is a truck driver, and my mother is out of work as there are seven children in our family. I love to play football with my brother Yaroslav (he’s my best friend). On Christmas, we always have a special supper. In summer, I enjoy playing football outside. I am a second-grade student at school. I get to school by bus, as my school is located in the neighboring village. I have five classes every day. My favorite school subject is Math and I also like breaks.  I like to eat pasta, but I usually eat borsch at home. On holidays, we have cakes. When I have spare time, I like to play outside. I dream of becoming a firefighter when I grow up.


Caseworker Comments:

Meet Maksym, a vibrant young boy filled with energy and an insatiable appetite for friendship. His devotion to family shines through every gesture of care he extends to his loved ones. Rare moments of rest find him happily engaged in games on his mother’s phone, a cherished indulgence. Yet, amidst his joyful pursuits, Maksym remains ever ready to lend a hand around the house, accompanying his sister Anastasiia on grocery runs, dutifully tackling dishes, and ensuring the fireplace is warm with firewood.

In the fleeting moments between chores and school, Maksym finds solace in the great outdoors, relishing the freedom of running, cycling, and football. Sundays are reserved for spiritual nourishment at Sunday school, where he cultivates community ties within his church. His passion for learning finds its anchor in the realm of numbers, with math reigning as his favorite subject.

However, Maksym’s happy heart is at times dampened by health challenges, particularly severe bowel movements (fecal incontinence), which disrupt his daily life. Tragically, financial constraints thwart his access to essential treatment, depriving him of the care he urgently requires reclaiming the childhood he deserves.

In the midst of a sprawling yet tumultuous family dynamic, love perseveres despite the discord. Bickering parents and temporary absences notwithstanding, affection binds them together. Living with their visually impaired grandmother Tetiana, the family navigates the ebb and flow of life, with Maksym’s father, Ihor, grappling with sporadic work as a truck driver, while his mother, Viktoriia, tends to the household amidst financial strain.

Their house, a dilapidated three-room structure, bears witness to years of neglect, crying out for renovation and expansion. The absence of indoor bathroom facilities compounds the challenges they face, exacerbating the strain on cleanliness and comfort within the cramped quarters. The walls, doors, and floor of the house are completely wrecked. In other words, their living conditions are extremely horrific and daunting. Tensions run high, with stepsibling conflicts and domestic disarray adding to the familial fray.

Despite their best efforts, cleanliness becomes a casualty in the battle for survival, as the mother struggles to maintain order amid the chaos. With support from their grandmother, the children navigate the trials of their upbringing, though they lag behind in tidiness and diligence.

Amidst the tumult, Maksym’s innocent voice rings out, a beacon of hope amidst adversity. His story calls for compassion and action, urging us to extend a helping hand towards a brighter future for him and his family.