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ID #:
January 18, 2021

Dear Sponsor,

It’s Mariia’s mother writing to you (Mariia is only three years old, so she cannot write yet). I am temporarily out of work, as I am on maternity leave. My husband is a truck driver. Mariia loves drawing and playing with her toys. She loves eating fruit. Dear Sponsor, thank you very much for your desire to help our children.

Mariia and her mother

Caseworker’s comments:

Meet Mariia, an endearing and affectionate three-year-old with an insatiable curiosity for the world around her. Always by her mother’s side, she eagerly mimics her older siblings, finding joy in exploring her creativity through drawing, dancing, and bedtime stories. When not immersed in imaginative play, Mariia delights in watching cartoons on TV or accompanying her older sister, Anastasiia, on adventures.

Despite her tender age, Mariia eagerly lends a hand with household chores, relishing walks around her town to soak in its wonders. She emanates warmth and love within her expansive yet occasionally turbulent family. Amidst the complexities of their dynamics, affection remains a steadfast force, binding them together through challenges.

Their humble place, a dilapidated three-room house, reflects years of neglect, longing for renovation and modernization. Lacking indoor bathroom facilities, the strain on cleanliness and comfort amplifies within their cramped quarters. Tensions simmer amidst stepsibling conflicts and domestic discord, exacerbating the familial struggles.

Despite the odds, Mariia’s innocence shines brightly, offering a beacon of hope amid adversity. Her tale evokes a call to action, urging compassion and support for a brighter future for her and her family. In the face of hardship, Mariia’s unwavering spirit reminds us of the resilience within us all, inspiring us to extend a helping hand towards their journey to stability and well-being.