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ID #:
February 11, 2020

Dear sponsor,

My name is Milana, and I am 3 years old. I live in a village. My dad works as a tractor driver; my mom is a social worker. I have a sister, Solomiia. She is very kind and shares her toys with me. She is my best friend because I love her. We play with dolls together. At Christmas, I go to church. On the summer holidays, I visit my grandma. I don’t go to school yet, but I attend daycare. I go to the daycare center by bus. I usually spend two hours there. What I like about daycare is that I play with toys there and eat well. As for food, I like soup. On holidays, I eat cakes. In my free time, I play with dolls. I want to become a mother when I grow up. Thank you for already loving me. I’d like you to love me like my mom.


Caseworker’s comments:

Milana displays a calm, intelligent, and obedient demeanor. She is also sociable and open in her interactions with others. Despite being only three years old, she actively contributes to household tasks, such as making her bed. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing with dolls and spending time with her siblings. Despite not attending school, Milana eagerly participates in Sunday school and reads her Bible at home.

They are a friendly Christian family, who prioritize respect and unity within their household. Despite their warmth, the family faces financial distress. Despite their financial challenges, they remain sincere. The mother, Zhanna, dedicates considerable time to her children and breastfeeds Milana, emphasizing their close bond. Zhanna, a social worker, can only work two hours a day due to Ukraine’s situation. The father, Vitalii, a weary village man engaged in demanding work, struggles with a meager income in rural areas.

Despite their kindness, the family’s financial limitations are evident in their extremely dilapidated and wrecked house. The current living conditions are terrible, with a pressing need to replace the roof, extend the house, and add a bathroom and kitchen. In a house with only three rooms, accommodating eight family members is a significant challenge. The walls and doors are deteriorating and broken.

Milana and her family urgently require your support.