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September 21, 2021

Dear sponsor,

My name is Mykhailo. I’m 2.5 years old. I was born in a nice region, but when the war broke out, we moved to another city. My father passed away when I was 4-month-old, so my mom and I were left alone. My mother doesn’t work as she takes care of me. I have some health problems, but I’ll definitely get better, as I am undergoing rehabilitation, such as massaging and swimming. I don’t really like doing exercises, but I diligently do them. But I do like swimming with great enjoyment. I’m funny and sociable, I like to communicate and play with adults and kids. My best friend is Natan, we meet at Sunday service. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Thank you for responding to other people’s needs! I would like to know more about you and your family and hobbies! I’m looking forward to your respond.


Your Mykhailo


Mykhailo, a cheerful and happy toddler, adores spending time with his mother and shows endless care for her. Despite being shy at times, he is friendly, kind, and enjoys playing with other children from his community or church. Though too young for chores, he still tries to assist his mother by tidying his toys.

However, alongside his vibrant personality, Mykhailo grapples with severe health issues, including delayed sex-kinetic development, muscle hypotension syndrome, febrile cramps, and valgus deformity of the foot, all stemming from damage to his central nervous system.

Maryna, his mother, and Mykhailo, immigrants from the Kharkiv region, have faced numerous challenges. Maryna endured a difficult labor resulting in Mykhailo’s birth asphyxia and subsequent diagnosis of structural epilepsy. Tragically, when Mykhailo was four months old, his father passed away from COVID-19, leaving Maryna to care for him alone.

In February 2022, Maryna buried her husband just before the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Fleeing the conflict, Maryna and Mykhailo embarked on a perilous journey westward, encountering harrowing scenes of war-torn landscapes along the way.

Upon reaching Rivne, Maryna sought assistance from local volunteer centers, eventually finding support through a church community. Despite financial constraints, she prioritizes her son’s well-being, allocating resources for his medical needs and rehabilitation.

Living in a modest rented apartment, Maryna faces challenges such as mold, which she diligently addresses due to her son’s health. Finding affordable housing proves difficult, compounded by landlords’ reluctance to rent to families with small children. Their current living space, comprising a single room with basic amenities, suffices for Maryna and Mykhailo’s needs. Despite hardships, Maryna remains grateful for the roof over their heads and the support they receive.

As a single mother, Maryna cannot work outside the home, relying on limited financial assistance as an internally displaced person. With imminent cessation of certain payments, she faces increased financial strain, especially concerning Mykhailo’s medical expenses. Given their circumstances, Mykhailo and his mother urgently require support to meet their basic needs and continue essential health treatments.