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August 30, 2019

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Mykola, I’m 4. My family’s big. My father works in an enterprise, my mother is on maternity leave. My sister studies in college, she’s getting a degree as an agronomist. My brother goes to school and my younger brother stays with our mom (he’s only 1). My dad’s the best, he does everything himself: he did up our house on his own, made a swing and he, my brother and I are making our own tractor (I like it the most). My best friend is Ivan. We play with toy cars and ride bikes together in the playground. My brother Mykhailo and I play different games and help our mom and dad together. My favorite dish is pizza, my mom and I make it together. I also help make varenyky (dumplings). I’m better at it than my brother. We have a tradition to make red or green borsch every Friday. I like it very much. And on Sunday we make either varenyky or pelmeni together. I particularly like sweets on holidays: buns, cakes, candies, and cookies. In my spare time I make cars using plasticine or color with pencils together with my mom. I also enjoy riding a bike. When I grow up, I’d like to become a police officer to protect my family and sick people. Future sponsor, I’d like to thank you for your future help to me and my family. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your letter. Wishing you peace and God’s blessings to you, your family and the whole world.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Mykola is a gentle soul, known for his calm demeanor and outgoing nature. His tender heart brims with affection for his mother, a woman who tirelessly cares for their family despite challenging circumstances. Although the hardships they face, Mykola finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it’s playing outdoors with his siblings, pedaling his bicycle with youthful exuberance, or embarking on leisurely strolls, his infectious laughter fills the air.

Kindergarten becomes his haven, a place where his boundless creativity blossoms through paintbrushes and crayons, each stroke on paper a testament to his vibrant imagination. His innocent dreams include attending children’s church, eagerly awaited as he listens to biblical stories lovingly recounted by his older siblings.

Their family, nestled in a charming village, embodies resilience and unity. Despite their terrible home in need of dire repair, they extend a hand of solidarity to one another. Yet, behind their warm façade lies a harsh reality. Mykola’s parents, intent by the grip of addiction of alcohol and smoking, struggle to make ends meet. Their small income barely covers essentials, leaving luxuries as distant fantasies. Mykola’s older sister, striving for a better future, grapples with the financial burden of education. Meanwhile, his devoted mother, Anna, finds herself trapped in a cycle of unemployment, her maternal duties outweighed by the harsh demands of life. Their home, once a refuge, now stands as a somber reminder of their plight. Riddled with drafts and decay, its weary walls groan under the weight of neglect. Every corner whisper tales of desperation—the tattered curtains, the creaking floorboards, the suffocating mold staining the walls.

Yet, amidst the gloom, a glimmer of hope persists. The children, united in their innocence, find solace in each other’s company. Marharyta, the eldest daughter, shoulders the responsibility of nurturing her younger siblings, a testament to her unwavering devotion. Their parents, though burdened by financial strife, pour their hearts into providing for their beloved children. But the weight of their circumstances presses heavily upon them. With each passing day, the chasm widens between their dreams and reality. The need for assistance looms large, a lifeline amidst the storm. Their plea echoes through the winds of adversity, a cry for compassion in a world fraught with uncertainty. For Mykola and his family, every gesture of kindness is a ray of hope, illuminating the path towards a brighter tomorrow.