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December 12, 2016

Dear Sponsor,

It’s Pavlo’s brother Bohdan writing to you. My brother Pavlo is seven years old, and he is a first-grade student and cannot write himself yet, so I help him with that. Our father works as a security guard in the village of Kvasyliv and my mother is on maternity leave. It’s interesting, but my sisters play football. My brother Pavlo’s best friend is Marian, and they play together a lot. My brother likes to sing carols on Christmas. During summer break, he enjoys playing and swimming in the river. He goes to school with our brother Artem. He spends 3 hours at school every day. He enjoys playing there and he doesn’t like it when it’s cold there. His favorite school subjects are Science and Art. On holidays, Pavlo likes to eat cakes. He plays when he has spare time. He dreams of becoming a tour guide. Pavlo is sincerely thankful for your desire to help him. He will pray for you.

Caseworker Comments:

Pavlo is a calm and thoughtful boy who loves to learn and explore new things. He enjoys having many siblings because it means there are always different activities to do together. Pavlo shared that he loves playing football with his sisters and other friends, and enjoys playing various games with his brothers. Their household is always bustling with activity. Pavlo also helps his mother by putting away his toys, looking after his younger siblings, studying, and much more. His favorite day of the week is Sunday because he loves going to Sunday school to learn more about the Bible and sing in the choir.

This family is large and loving. Pavlo’s mom has epilepsy, and doctors advised her not to have children, but with God’s help, she delivered 11 wonderful kids. They are friendly, well-behaved, and supportive. Pavlo’s father grew up in a school-orphanage. The parents met in Rivnenska oblast and started their life together in the village of Zdolbuniv. The father works as a watchman at a plant, earning a very low salary that cannot cover all their needs. Meanwhile, the mother is not employed; she devotes her time to taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning the house, and washing clothes. Despite the financial challenges, the children feel loved and supported by their parents. They help out at home and do well in school.

Their living conditions are very cramped, with 13 people currently living in a three-bedroom house. There are three rooms for the boys, where 8 boys sleep on mattresses. Another room is shared by 3 girls, and the last room is for the parents. There is a bathroom and a shower room, but everything is old and neglected. The children help keep the kitchen clean. The house needs repairs both inside and out, and the children need proper beds. The house is too small for such a large family, with just three rooms and a kitchen. The wallpaper and floors need renovation, along with the rest of the house. The family needs food, clothes, shoes, and either a new living facility or significant repairs to make their current home suitable.

Dear future sponsor, we ask you to pray for this family, both parents and children. They all attend church regularly and are well-behaved and intelligent. The family is expecting their 12th child. Your help will highly make life better for Pavlo and his beautiful family.