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May 13, 2014

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Roman. I just turned 10 years old. I live in a city. I live with my mother, sister, uncle, and aunt. My uncle and aunt also have sons, they are my cousins. They are five years older than me, but it’s still very interesting and fun for me to spend time with them. My mother works in a kindergarten. I often visit her workplace. There is a boy I like to play with, although he is smaller than me. I also have friends from the neighborhood with whom I play different games outside. For example, we build houses from branches or climb trees. In summer, when there are no classes at school, I go for walks with them, and we go swimming with my mother and godmother. I love summer, but it’s still winter here. I enjoy visiting my godparents and singing carols at their place on Christmas, and then they give me different goodies. I forgot to write that I am a third-grade student, and my older sister is a tenth-grade student. It’s not far for me to walk to school. I have five classes every day and go home in the afternoon. It’s interesting for me to study at school, but I don’t like dancing classes, as I don’t really like dancing. My favorite subject is PE. We sometimes play chess in these classes. When I have spare time, I also play chess with my mother or sister at home.

On holidays, I ask my mother to cook me French fries. I love it and dairy sausage. I dream of becoming a construction worker when I grow up, but maybe I will change my mind letter.

Dear Sponsor! Thank you very much for your kind heart. Thank you very much for your desire to help me and my family. I would be very happy if you could also write me a letter.


Caseworker’s comments:

Roman is a calm and attentive young boy known for his obedient and well-behaved nature. He deeply loves his mother and sister, showing his affection by helping around the house. Roman makes his bed, cleans, organizes their shared room, and assists in the kitchen when needed. He is dedicated to his studies and often receives good grades, especially enjoying math, computer lessons, and art class. In his free time, Roman loves playing with LEGOs, chess, plasticine, and riding his scooter outside. He also enjoys attending Sunday school to learn more about the Bible and God.

Roman lives with his mother and sister in one room of his grandparents’ four-room apartment. They share the space with two other families: his mother’s sister, her husband, and son, and his mother’s brother, his wife, and son. Roman’s uncle, who was wounded in the war, is currently receiving treatment in France. Despite the crowded conditions, the families maintain good and friendly relationships. Roman’s mother, Nataliia, is very kind and dedicated to raising her children well. She has taken on an extra job as a janitor at a kindergarten to pay for her daughter Ivanna’s special physical education due to severe scoliosis.

Roman’s father lives in the village and does not support his children. He struggles with alcohol addiction and is unemployed, leaving Nataliia to bear the responsibility of providing for her children. To make ends meet, Nataliia works as a caretaker in a nearby kindergarten and as a security guard on night shifts. The family’s financial situation is challenging, especially since Ivanna receives a disability allowance of 2,300 UAH ($79.00CAD) per month and a low-income family allowance of 1,900 UAH ($65.00CAD) for six months each year. If the minimum wage rises, they will lose this assistance for the next six months.

Their living conditions are modest, with old furniture and a long-neglected apartment. They try to keep it clean, but it needs significant repairs. The wooden windows and balcony need replacing, as the balcony is in such poor condition that Nataliia worries it might collapse on the neighbors. Roman also needs a bigger bed, as he currently sleeps on a small children’s bed that is too small for him. With three families sharing one apartment, space is tight, and the bathroom is in dire need of repair.

Despite earning a minimum wage, Nataliia is saving money for Ivanna’s back treatment and is looking for doctors who can help. HART is an opportunity to support Roman and his family, ensuring better living conditions and necessary medical care for Ivanna. Your support would make a significant difference in their lives.