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August 19, 2012

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Vadym, I’m 11 years old. My father is not with us anymore (he passed away). My mother does not work. I have a brother and he’s into sports. My best friend is Matviy. He is kind and funny. I love playing sports games. When it comes to holidays, I celebrate them with my family and like to have fun. I am in the 5th grade. I go to school on foot and have classes from 9 am to 3 pm. I love everything about school. My favorite subjects are Ukrainian and Reading. I like to eat whatever my mom cooks. Usually, I eat soup, Borshch and various porridges. My favorite thing to do is to play with my friends. In the future, I want to be a soldier.

Dear sponsor, thank you for choosing to help me and my family!


Caseworker’s comments:

Vadym, a very calm and attentive young boy, shows kindness and a love for family and outdoor activities, particularly football. He also has a passion for reading, immersing himself in books whenever he can. Despite his young age, Vadym eagerly extends a helping hand to others and takes on responsibilities at home, such as assisting his older sister with cleaning and cooking.

However, Vadym’s childhood is marked by significant challenges. He comes from a loving yet dysfunctional family, where he has experienced hardships, no child should endure. With four children in the family and both parents absent due to his father’s suicide and his mother’s mental illness, Vadym and his siblings rely heavily on their grandparents for support. Vadym’s father took the weight of providing for his entire family, including his children, grandparents, and even his wife. However, the immense challenges of their lifestyle and the lack of support became unbearable for him, leading him to make the difficult decision to end it all.

Financially, the family is sinking. Vadym’s mother, Iryna, receives a small pension and occasionally earns money by cleaning dishes at a local café, where her difficult circumstances are known and understood. The eldest son, despite attending lyceum University, contributes to the family’s income, while Vadym’s elder sister, Julia, takes on the responsibility of caring for the household and her younger siblings.

Life for Vadym and his family is challenging, with the children often working in fields to earn money for essentials. They live in a small, rented apartment with limited amenities, where space is tight, and basic necessities are often scarce. The apartment lacks proper furnishings, and its condition is deteriorating, with peeling wallpaper and worn-out furniture. The washroom doesn’t even have a door. The family currently shares their living space with another family making their living situation even more complicated as this family of seven is cramped up in one room and the other family in the other room. Upon entering the apartment, we found personal belongings scattered throughout the cramped space due to its small size.

Despite their circumstances, Vadym and his siblings are determined and resilient. They attend school, excel academically, and actively participate in church activities, finding solace and community in their faith. However, their needs are ever pressing. They require assistance with food, clothing, personal hygiene items, medical supplies, and other essentials. Without sponsorship and your support, their situation will only worsen, underscoring the urgent need for provision to ensure Vadym and his family can live with dignity and security.