Name: Veronika

ID #:     RV 01183
Age:     7 years old  

Birth date:  June 25, 2013 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Rvine Oblast 

**SPECIAL NEEDS**   Tumors and Speech   Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = $70 Monthly

Dear sponsor!

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

I am 7 and go to school.  I have an my older sister Angelina who is 11 and brother who is 10.  We rent a one-bedroom apartment. Mother works as a cleaner in a cafe and washes the dishes.  Father works as a locksmith.  I was born with a tumor on my back and so have had surgery to remove it.  Now I am supervised by a surgeon because there are no guarantees that the tumor is completely gone.  When I was three I had surgery on my tongue that caused problems with my speech.  I regularly see a speech therapist and neurologist.

My brother also has health issues. He was diagnosed with early rheumatism so his platelets increase due to inflammation. He needs to get injections in the hospital. When the weather changes he does not sleep well and I do not sleep well. He is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs in the hospital.

My sister Angelina has scoliosis.  My mother thinks we have health problems due to nuclear accident in Chornobly in 1984 when the power plant had a nuclear disaster.

Sponsorship will be a big help to us as parents earn only a small amount and try to pay for treatment for us children.

Mother Hanna writes: Dear Sponsor, a big request to you, help my Veronica in her growth, she needs a lot of attention and medical support. She is a very good, happy and friendly girl. She likes to draw, listen to music and watch cartoons. But her speech problems are often a barrier in communication with other children. I am very worried about it.

She loves animals and has a cat that she cares for.  She like friend potatoes and cookies. Her favorite color is red. She like Ukrainian fairytales about Kolobok (little round bun who was alive and was eaten at the end, because he was disobedient to people who bakes him. Veronika is so sorry for him when we get to the end of the story.  She says that you have to be obedient in order to not be eaten.

Pray for the health of my children and especially my dear Veronika. I have faith that you will not leave this letter unseen, and will consider sponsoring us.  Goodby!

With love to you, Veronika and her mother Hanna

Case-worker`s comments 

Veronika is a very kind girl. She is friendly and always smiles. Her serious speech problems make her private. Sometimes children laugh are her when they do not understand what she is trying to say. She is sociable, neat and she likes animals.

There are three children in this family. The children are taught to be obedient and hospitable.  The parents are concerned about their children’s health: all children have health problems that need constant medical treatment. The children are under doctors’ supervision and go through chemotherapy.  Tumors have been removed from Veronika’s body and she also goes to psycho neurologist every three months.

Mother does not have a permanent job as the cake was closed due to the pandemic.

The parent started attending church a few years ago and are looking for God’s help. The children attend Sunday School where the mother teaches. Parents make a small salary and they spend money on medical treatments. It is hard to find funds for speech therapist as well as provide for children’s basic needs. They try to keep up with rent payments and have some debts. They eat simple food and wear second hand clothing. Plan to move from city to village.

The one bedroom apartment means that one of the children sleeps in the kitchen. They do not have hot water in the apartment.

Thru the Hart Child Sponsorship Program Veronika and her family will receive food packages and encouragement as they deal with health problems.

Pray that God will give them peace as they try to be healthy and productive.