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ID #:
January 3, 2015

Dear sponsor,

I live in Moldova. My father works as a janitor in the local theatre and my mother doesn’t work. She sends me to school every day. I love her very much. My best friend’s name is Zhenya. He is my classmate. I like to play with him because he has a lot of toys and shares them with me. I am in the 2nd grade. Usually, I go to school by trolleybus. I have classes until 2 pm. Studying is hard for me, so I don’t like it. However, I do enjoy attending Music classes.  My favorite foods are meat and sweets. I also like eating soup and dumplings filled with potatoes. In my free time, I love playing with toys. I want to become a bus driver when I grow up. I want to thank my sponsor for being so kind and helping me.


Caseworker’s comments:

Meet Viktor. He may not be the most outgoing, but he’s calm and peaceful. His mother mentioned how he might have had some eyesight complications since birth. Even though she says everything’s fine now, I’ve noticed he often looks away, having a tough time staying focused Viktor goes to a special school for kids who have learning disabilities. At home, he’s always ready to help out with chores. He loves getting creative with clay and making things by hand. Plus, he’s over the moon whenever he gets LEGO sets as gifts from friends at school. Music class is where he really shines – it’s his absolute favorite!

However, Viktor’s family faces overwhelming hurdles. In a household led by Andriy, his stepfather, and a disabled mother, they live with Andriy’s elderly mother in a dilapidated home nestled in hilly terrain. Over time, shifting earth has wreaked destruction on their home, leaving it in a dire and horrific state. The residence lacks basic amenities, with an outdoor toilet and likely malfunctioning washing machine. Dampness pervades the air, fostering a musty odor and mold growth, while clutter impedes daily life. Viktor’s wardrobe is insufficient, with only summer shoes to wear in all seasons.

Even with all their problems, Viktor’s family still welcomes others with open arms. But their home tells a different story. It’s falling apart, and the dirty stove shows how hard it is for them to stay warm. Even though Viktor’s dad works hard as a janitor in their local move theater, and his grandma helps a lot, his mom keeps going, even though she’s got her own disability from an accident.

In light of their circumstances, Viktor’s need for basic necessities like clothing, shoes, and proper living conditions becomes urgent. Together, let’s extend a helping hand to brighten Viktor’s future and alleviate the burdens weighing on his family.