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ID #:
September 15, 2022

Dear sponsor,

I am a cheerful boy, my name is Volodymyr. Dad writes the letter instead of me. He is not working now, but he is looking for a job. My mom is always with me at home, taking care of me, my brother, and my sister. This year I didn’t expect any gifts for Christmas and slept. I also have grandparents. I go to visit them. I love it when my mom gives me yogurt and cooks me pasta with ketchup. In the afternoon I go to bed to grow even more.

Thank you, my sponsor, for wanting to improve my living conditions and help me.

I will wait for your response.


Caseworker Comments:

Let me introduce you to Volodymyr, a brave and energetic little boy, bursting with curiosity and laughter. Despite the hardships his family faces, Volodymyr’s spirit remains bright, his infectious smile lighting up the darkest of days. He is the heart of his family, cherished by all for his playful nature and endless joy.

Unfortunately, their home tells a different story. It’s an old, dilapidated house, crumbling under the weight of neglect. The living conditions are devastating and horrific, with no electricity for heating in the bitter winter months, leaving the children vulnerable to illness. Hot water is a luxury they can’t afford, forcing them to heat water on a small electric stove for bathing in large bowls. The toilet, in deplorable condition, sits outside, a constant reminder of their struggle for basic dignity.

Volodymyr’s father, burdened by speech issues and alcohol addiction, hasn’t been able to work for two years. Finding employment in Kherson is a daunting task, especially with his limitations. His mother, on maternity leave caring for Volodymyr and his disabled brother, struggles to manage household chores with little support. Their eldest daughter, Elizaveta, helps as much as she can, but opportunities for her to study or work are limited.

Among the chaos of their daily lives, Volodymyr is a ray of sunshine, exploring the world around him with wide-eyed wonder. His future hangs in the balance, dependent on the kindness of strangers like you. The family’s financial struggles are evident, with basic needs often going unmet.

The house, under renovation for years, is a maze of dust, peeling wallpaper, no window beside their bed, and tattered furniture. There’s no bathroom or shower, bathing taking place in makeshift tubs. The lack of proper insulation means constant drafts, leaving the children shivering in threadbare clothes. The electrical system is unreliable, unable to cope with the demands of winter.

Yet, through it all love prevails. Volodymyr is the heart of his family, cherished and adored by all. With your support, we can offer them hope for a brighter tomorrow, where Volodymyr can continue to thrive and grow, surrounded by love and warmth as no child should have to experience this level of poverty.