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February 22, 2020


Dear sponsor,

My name is Yaroslav, I am 4 years old. I live in a village. I don’t know my parents and don’t know anything about them. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I would like to tell you about one of my brothers. His name is Anton, and he is 5 years old. I often play Legos with him. We love making fun constructions with Legos. He is my best friend because we play different games, go outside, and play football. On Christmas, our granny cooks dinner and our family members come to visit us. It may be Aunt Maryna with her children or Aunt Zoya. We remember the birth of Jesus. Sometimes we also get candy. During the summer holidays, all of my brothers and sisters come home, and it gets so much more joyful. We go swimming together and they also take me with them to pick mushrooms in the forest. I haven’t gone to school or kindergarten yet because I’m still too small. I love eating varenyky with cottage cheese and blueberries. At home, I usually eat soup, noodles and grains. We don’t always have something tasty on holidays, but granny sometimes makes pies. In my free time I like playing with Legos and other constructors. Dear sponsor, thank you so much for choosing to help me and my family. I will be happy if you write me something about yourself too.

Caseworker’s comments:

Yaroslav, characterized by his obedient and calm demeanor, has never had the opportunity to meet his mother and has been raised by his grandmother and aunt. Despite this, he shares a deep bond with his extended family, particularly his siblings. He eagerly assists his grandmother with household chores, finding joy in tasks like folding laundry. Additionally, he finds solace in outdoor activities, imaginative play, and building with LEGOS. His family’s regular attendance at church has not only fostered their spiritual growth but has also allowed Yaroslav to cultivate meaningful friendships through Sunday school. However, amidst his efforts to maintain a normal childhood despite facing severe poverty, Yaroslav grapples with undiagnosed health issues, including a suspected hematoma on his cheek and frequent anxiety-induced episodes of unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, the financial strain on the family has prevented Yaroslav from receiving the necessary medical attention, including potential urgent surgery. His family, a diverse mix including his mother’s sister, Halyna, and her husband, have undertaken the immense responsibility of caring for Yaroslav and his siblings, totaling nine children under their care. Halyna’s husband, despite being mobilized for over a year and facing deployment to the front lines, supports the decision to care for the children. Previously, the children were under the care of their grandmother, enduring harsh living conditions in a house lacking basic amenities such as running water and indoor plumbing.

Social services were aware of their plight but took no action until the grandmother sought help, resulting in the biological mother losing her parental rights. Despite the grandmother’s admirable efforts, maintaining a clean household is challenging, exacerbated by her inclination towards alcohol consumption. Yaroslav’s aunt, Halyna, made the courageous decision to take in the children, albeit facing significant challenges in navigating bureaucracy to secure legal documentation and financial support. The living conditions of the family are dire and terrible, marked by a sense of despair and discomfort. Their residence, an aged and neglected structure, lacks essential amenities and proper infrastructure. This large family, comprising eleven individuals, inhabits a cramped and isolated home consisting of only three rooms. Within this confined space, there is an absence of a functional kitchen, contributing to a chaotic and disorderly environment. Moreover, the house is inadequately maintained, with pervasive cleanliness issues and a lack of proper insulation, as the predominant construction material is concrete.

Efforts to renovate and improve the living conditions are underway, facilitated by loans and support from the church community. However, the process is arduous, compounded by Halyna’s husband’s military service and the ongoing struggle to obtain necessary legal documents. Despite the hardships, the family remains resilient, with Halyna assuming custody of the children and striving to provide them with a stable upbringing. The church community plays a vital role in supporting the family, offering assistance with basic necessities and moral support.

As Halyna and her family navigate these challenges, they are grateful for the support they receive, acknowledging that their journey is far from over. Despite the uncertainties, they remain hopeful for a brighter future, strengthened by their faith and the solidarity of their community.