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November 12, 2021


Dear sponsor,

My name is Yaroslav, and I am 2 years old. I live with my mother, who doesn’t have a job. I have an older brother Makar who is very cheerful, curious, and funny. My brother is my best friend because he plays with me and helps my mom look after me. He is an example for me. We can’t play with the ball or in a sandbox because I can’t walk yet but I hope I will soon. There are a lot of things I like to eat, and I eat everything my mom cooks for me. Most of all, I like yoghurt, bananas, apples, and mashed potatoes. When I grow up, I want to go to school first like other children, and then I will choose what I want to be. I hope that I will choose something that will make everyone proud of me. Dear sponsor, thank you very much for paying attention to me. I am grateful that there is such a nice and God-blessed person like you. Thank you very much for your willingness to help me. I’d like to meet you.


Caseworker Comments:

Yaroslav, a joyful and outgoing child, faces challenges due to Pontocerebellar hypoplasia. He enjoys spending time with his brother Makar and loves it when his mother reads him a story. Svitlana, Yaroslav’s mother, faces the daunting task of caring for two children while living in her parents’ apartment, which is already occupied by another disabled child with a curved spine. The living arrangement is cramped and noisy, but despite the challenges, the family supports and loves each other. Svitlana, having been unmarried to both her first and second boyfriends, finds herself navigating parenthood alone. The grandparents dedicate their income to themselves and their son, covering rent expenses. Svitlana uses her earnings to meet the family’s needs. Unfortunately, their living conditions are terrible and horrible; the fourth-floor dilapidated apartment leaks during heavy rains, exhibits dampness, and suffers from widespread mold in various areas. The cramped space forces them to dry clothes indoors, exacerbating the damp environment. Despite maintaining cleanliness, the family dreams of renovating their apartment, as it is insufficient for the family of six. The challenging circumstances don’t dampen their positive outlook, and they eagerly await support. The grandparents prioritize their son’s needs, leaving little room for renovations. The family’s ultimate dream is to create a healthier and more spacious living environment for their children.

Yaroslav and his family are in urgent need of your support.