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March 22, 2019

**Zhozefina requires Medical + Regular Sponsorship**

Hello Sponsor!

I am the mother of little Zhozefina. Thank you very much for your desire to help our family and my daughter. I would like to tell you a bit about little Zhozefina. She is a very clever girl, but she is a bit sickly: she has scoliosis, flat feet, an air cyst on the neck, problems with her eyes; and she constantly gets ill with viral diseases. So, she needs to undergo treatment quite often. I would be truly grateful for your help during such a tough time for our family.

Zhozefina’s mother

Caseworker’s Comments:

Meet Zhozefina, a delightful and bright young girl brimming with joy and intelligence. With a heart full of poems and songs, she loves to immerse herself in imaginative play, often pretending to be a doctor. Despite her tender age, she eagerly assists her mother with household chores, embodying a spirit of helpfulness. However, Zhozefina faces significant challenges. Battling health issues including scoliosis and a neck water cyst, she frequently falls ill with viral infections and colds. Currently undergoing a massage course and constant medical scrutiny, the possibility of surgery looms, necessitating ongoing support.

Unfortunately, her family’s financial situation exacerbates their struggles. Surviving on her father Ivan’s modest income of 6000 hryvnia, they must carefully budget to make ends meet. Witnessing her mother Olha’s tearful gratitude upon receiving food packages speaks volumes about the family’s dire circumstances. Despite their unwavering faith and efforts to deepen their connection with God, the family continues to lack support from governmental or organizational sources. Ivan, employed as a laborer responsible for tasks such as yard maintenance within their community, grapples with health challenges including diabetes and leg issues, which only serve to compound their already difficult circumstances.

Your support is crucial to this family’s well-being. In their time of need, your generosity can provide them with the lifeline they so desperately require.