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Gift Boxes of Hope (Occurs every September/October)

‘Gift Boxes of Hope’

The purpose is to provide Christmas presents for hundreds of underprivileged children throughout Ukraine.

HART distributes these shoeboxes to bring hope, comfort, and the Good News of Jesus to the many children affected by the war, orphans, street children and gypsy kids.

For most of these children, just the thought that someone from the other side of the world cared enough about them to send a gift gives them encouragement and HOPE.

For the local churches and pastors who distribute them in Ukraine tell us that “these gift boxes are like a “key” that opens the door to connect with children and poor families, it gives us the opportunity to develop relationships and share about God’s love for them.”


Your whole family, Your life group, Your friends

Savvy shoppers know that they can impact more children around the world for eternity by looking for shoebox items throughout the year.

Bring items specific to the age/gender of child you choose
Ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-15

In order to make shipping as fast and easy as possible, please limit your donations to items that will fit inside shoeboxes.

School Supplies– Pens, pencils, crayons, ruler, scissors, sharpener, eraser, markers, highlighters, pencil case, geometry sets

Hygiene products-Soap, facecloth, toothbrush, comb, hairbrush, hair accessories, shaving razor & gel (essential for boys & girls aged 13-18), hygiene pads (essential for girls aged 13-18)

Clothing -Cap, toque, t-shirt, socks, underwear, winter gloves, scarf

Other Gifts– coloring/activity book, stickers, small stuffed toy, skipping rope, yo-yo, painting kit, multi-purpose tool (boys 13-18) sewing kit (girls 13-18) band aids, tote bags, YOUR family photo

Do Not Include- Used items, Medicine, Perishable food, Money, Battery operated items, items that can scare or harm a child physically or emotionally (war-related toys, knives & toy guns, etc.)

Please include your donation of $10 for each gift-box you prepare to cover the shipping and delivery cost.

Pick up a box (or several) from the HART office, take them home to fill and return them to the HART office before October 15th to ensure delivery before Christmas.

HART office- 106, 90 Freeport Blvd NE, Calgary
Sturgeon Valley Baptist Church- 51 Woodlands Road, St. Albert


To see the children who received YOUR Gift Boxes last Christmas click on the box below and search for your name.