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Where We Work

Since achieving their independence in 1991, the transition from communism to a free-market system has been extremely difficult and painfully slow for millions of Eastern Europeans, especially in Ukraine and Moldova. These two countries are chronically at the bottom of all economic indicators for European countries.


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How We Work

Through partnerships we serve, support, and empower indigenous churches to advance the gospel and impact the poor and needy in their own communities.

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Our Approach

HART’s approach is centered on partnerships with local churches; providing them with resources, helping them develop good strategies and programs for compassion and evangelism, with a focus on the long-term sustainability of their programs.

War refugees grapple with returning to Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian war refugees in Europe struggle to envision their future. Should they plan to stay where they are for the sake of their kids, having found good education, friendships, jobs, and opportunities? Or should they plan on returning to pick up the threads of their unraveled past lives? For many, it remains a question that is difficult to answer.

Roman’s story – surviving captivity

“When the war began, eight graduates of our Rehab program chose to enlist in the army. Sadly, one of those brave men, Roman, went missing. The whole church prayed for his protection and that his relatives would receive some news about him. We all understood that he was either a prisoner of war or already dead.

However, our faithful and loving God does all things perfectly, and so, after a month of prayers, Roman was able to contact his family and report that he was alive, almost unharmed, and had already been released from captivity.

God’s miracle is that Roman and several other soldiers were exchanged quickly and were able to return home. We know that over 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have remained in captivity for more than six months. Please join us in prayer for them too.” Pastor Maxim