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Gift Boxes of Hope

HART ‘Gift Boxes of Hope’ bring JOY to children in Ukraine

Throughout the month of October 2016, hundreds of people attended HART “Gift Box Packing Parties!”
with ages ranging from grand-kids to grand-parents!

The project’s purpose was to provide Christmas presents for hundreds of underprivileged children throughout Ukraine.

More specifically…children and young people living in state-run orphanages, gypsy camps, foster homes and regions that are near the war zones in Eastern Ukraine.

For most, just the thought that someone from the other side of the world cared enough about them to send a gift, which gives them encouragement and HOPE.

For the local churches who distribute them, these gift boxes are like a “key” that opens the door to connect with children and poor families,
to develop relationships and share about God’s love for them.


Thank YOU!

Thanks to all the individuals, church and community groups that participated in the Calgary & Edmonton Gift Boxes of Hope Packing Parties.

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who helped out at each of these parties.

Thank you to the many people who packed boxes at home and dropped them to our office.

TOGETHER, we packaged and sent over 1,200 Gift Boxes of Hope to children in Ukraine!

They’ve arrived!

The Gift Boxes of Hope have arrived in Ukraine and are being distributed now.

To see the child who received YOUR Gift Box follow the link and search for your name.