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Collect AIR MILES for HART

Did you know you can help offset the costs of travel for our ministry partners by collecting AIR MILES for HART?

Each year we fly one or two of our ministry partners from Eastern Europe to Canada to share with our donors the work that HART is accomplishing. This can be a costly expense, but you could help us out by collecting AIR MILES on behalf of HART to offset these travel expenses.

How it works:

1) Contact our office and ask for a card today!

2) When you are doing your regular shopping at these participating stores, use your HART AIR MILES card to help us generate points.

3) When the time comes for our partners to fly out, we can use the combined AIR MILES points to offset the ticket costs, saving HART money that can be used for other relevant projects.

This is a unique and wonderful way to help HART in a very practical sense.  It may not seem like much but when many work together it makes a big difference.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help HART!