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Education Scholarship Fund

Education Scholarship Fund

Why is this Education Fund important? Education is the single most important driver of economic empowerment for individuals and countries. However, while young people may dream of a different life, the reality is that families living in poverty can’t afford to pay for higher education. YOUR SUPPORT will give young people a chance to rescue their families from poverty.

Scholarships are provided for:  vocational training, college diploma, or university degrees.

Who are the beneficiaries of this Fund? Children from low-income families, or families in crisis, orphans, at-risk girls, refugees from the war zones, and young people chosen by Pastors who will be future leaders in their churches and communities.

What do these Scholarships cover? We custom design each scholarship to meet the needs of each student. Typical financial needs include tuition, room & board, computer, transportation, books, materials, and other supplies.

How is this project administered? Working with our network of partnerships throughout Ukraine and Moldova, we have church workers and case-workers who will help identify qualified youth and counsel the family about the fund. These caseworkers’ tasks will be:
(1) to guide and encourage the family through this process;
(2) to assist with the paperwork associated with the application forms and appropriate follow-up with each child on an annual basis.

What is the cost of Post-Secondary Education in Ukraine?

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: about US $500-600 per year
UNIVERSITY TUITION: about US $1,000 per year