More than 11 million people are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine since the conflict began, according to the United Nations. Over 6 million have left for neighbouring countries.

The UN has labeled the exodus the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. Forced to flee extraordinary levels of violence and destruction, they have left behind their homes and often their families, leaving them shocked and traumatized. The protection and humanitarian needs are enormous and continue to grow.

As we watch this tragedy unfold, most of us feel helpless. And yet – we are not powerless — we can make a real difference. Thanks to everyone in HART’s community in Canada and USA – here is what YOU helped us accomplish since the invasion began on Feb 24, 2022:


FINANCIAL SUPPORT for an extensive network of churches throughout Ukraine:

    • HART has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to our church partners serving refugees fleeing from the war zones. All churches in HART’s network throughout Central and Western Ukraine are receiving funds to serve the refugees streaming into their churches night and day. The pews have been replaced by mattresses, pillows, and blankets – effectively converting their churches into Refugee Aid Centers. 10s of thousands of refugees are seeing God’s love in action through the care of Christian volunteers at these churches. There are tremendous costs associated with this: food, clothing, medicines, diapers, transportation to the borders, etc. 
    • Our team has organized & coordinated truckloads of humanitarian aid supplies from Germany. Semi-trucks from Germany are bringing Relief aid supplies to a distribution center we have near Lviv, Ukraine. This center is accessible to all our church partners assisting displaced people. From here, teams of volunteers are filling up smaller vans for distribution to Central & Western Ukrainian churches.
    • Food packages: Church volunteers are packaging food for Refugees to take with them on their journey to the border and into Europe.
    • Providing medications: meds as well as psychological and spiritual support to those who have been traumatized by the bombings.
    • Temporary housing: Providing temporary accommodation to refugees who are remaining in Ukraine until the war ends.


EVACUATING ORPHANS from war zones:

    • Our HART Team has evacuated between 1,100-1,200 orphans out of Ukraine and into a variety of European countries.

    • HART has created two “Orphanage Evacuation Centers” in the cities of Lviv and Striy (Western Ukraine). From here, we are assisting State-run orphanages in evacuating hundreds of their kids into Hungary, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. We are supporting these “Centers” with food and clothing for the children, vehicles for transportation to the borders, and the logistical network we have in Europe to get these kids accepted into several different countries.


    • Delivering relief aid:  It all starts from our warehouse in Warsaw, Poland. Food is purchased at wholesale prices and stockpiled for delivery. Semi-trucks are loaded and sent across the border into Ukraine – to distribution points near cities in the conflict zones. Smaller HART vehicles are then used to transport food to specific drop-off points at local churches. Church volunteers package the food for delivery to thousands of needy people in the surrounding villages, towns, and cities, wherever the need is greatest. We are even delivering food into “occupied” cities through some contacts within our church network.
    • We are helping evacuate people from these dangerous regions on a daily basis.
      • Story: HART’s Team was contacted by a Pastor from Odesa, who requested a vehicle to evacuate people 120 km away from the city of Mykolaiv, which was being pounded by Russian artillery. Two days later, Pastor Ihor was given the keys to a van purchased in Poland. He openly wept tears of joy – then promptly jumped into the vehicle and started out toward Mykolaiv. He evacuated 104 people on the first day, and after the 4th day, he had already rescued over 1,000 men, women, and children and delivered them to safe territories. 


Our primary focus is sending ambulances, medical equipment, and meds to the front lines and to cities/towns that have been liberated from the Russian army:

    • Purchasing and transporting ambulances to the front lines: Our Team purchases these in Poland and outfits each of them with specific medical supplies required for wartime emergencies. They are being used in Kyiv and other cities by military hospitals – to save the lives of civilians and soldiers. They are also sent to cities or towns liberated from the Russian army, where no hospitals exist anymore. 
      • We recently sent two ambulances to the town of Bucha and two for Irpin. These two regions were just liberated from the Russian occupation.
    • Bulletproof vests and helmets for the ambulance and medical crews: We always include a set of bulletproof vests and helmets for the ambulance medical crews. Russian soldiers are shooting ambulances, and we need to keep these first-responders safe. 
    • First Aid kits: These have been requested by medics and chaplains near the front lines. HART is purchasing hundreds of emergency First Aid kits in Poland and distributing them in Ukraine to save lives. 


You are not powerless — you can make a real difference. HOW? Your prayers and support WILL save lives! 

1. PRAY. People are shocked, frightened, and desperate. No one knows how long this war will continue or if they’ll ever be able to return home. Please pray that God would work in the hearts of leaders and for an end to this tragic conflict. Please pray for millions of families as they face fearful and uncertain days ahead. Pray for the Ukrainian government and president to turn to God. Pray that Ukraine will gain victory and can rebuild their nation!

2. GIVE. We encourage you to give to the Ukraine Crisis/Refugee Fund thereby supporting several of the projects and programs listed above. They are all critically important. You will help meet urgent physical needs and demonstrate God’s love in a tangible manner.