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Summer Camp Programs


HART has been sending thousands of underprivileged children to summer camps each year. It is definitely the highlight of the year for children in Eastern Europe. 

This year’s camps have taken on an entirely new dynamic because of the ongoing war with Russia. Many of our partner churches in the safe zones (central and western Ukraine) have expressed great enthusiasm for having “Day Camps,” and with YOUR SUPPORT we will make camps a reality for thousands of children. 

WHY SUMMER CAMPS ARE IMPORTANT THIS YEAR. (Quotes from our partner churches:)

“There are refugee children in our town who are scared and emotionally devastated. We want to serve these kids so that they can feel the practical love and care of Christians. God has given us this great opportunity to share His love with them.”

“Ukraine’s children have endured four months of war, terrifying emergency sirens, running to air raid shelters, the bursting of bombs, and living in the basement of buildings for weeks. Some kids have lost family members, their friends, or their homes. The trauma has been devastating, and they need to heal. One of the best places to begin this healing process is at camp.”

“We are living in a very difficult time because of the war. Constant air-raid sirens and fear that missiles will hit something are today’s reality. Everyone is tense – there is no work and no money, and there is always news from the front, which influences people. Some men have been drafted and are now at the front lines, which hurts. We can see that many children have been impacted negatively because of this present life. We believe that at this time, it is necessary to influence the younger generation and share the Gospel with the refugee children, the children supported by HART, and everyone in our area. We sincerely hope that there will be the opportunity to hold a camp in this difficult yet blessed time. For our part, we do not have the funds to hold a camp, so we hope for the Lord and cooperation with Hart.”

“We want to distract kids from their terrible reality and give them the opportunity to get to know God in Bible lessons, have a good time with friends, participate in Christian plays, sing, pray, and play sports.”

“Many children have already asked us if there will be a camp this summer, so we decided that regardless of the situation and air-raid sirens, which are heard quite often, we would hold a camp to distract children somehow and give them the opportunity to relax. We will be deeply grateful to you for your financial support, which will allow us to hold camps.”

“Many kids missed camps for the last two years because of Covid. We have an opportunity to give them a diversion from the pandemic and the war and bless them with the happiest time of the year.”

“If we can bring a little bit of their childhood back to them, forgetting about bombs and sirens, and just enjoying nature, exercise, kids’ activities, and new friends – this is all great therapy for them.”

Please consider supporting HART summer camp programs. Thousands of children will be blessed because of your prayers and support.