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Support for Orphans

Support for Orphans

There are over 100,000 orphans in Ukraine. The majority of these children are ‘social orphans’, meaning they were put in the care of the state because of parental abuse, abandonment, or extreme poverty. And every day, tens of thousands of children in Eastern Europe wake up to appalling, conditions in these government orphanages.

Many orphans face pressing medical needs, including emergency surgeries and life-changing procedures, but their institution lacks the funds to pay for them. While the Ukrainian government may promise free medical care for all, the realities of rampant corruption, poverty, and subpar medical facilities make this promise fall drastically short. 

HOW CAN WE HELP?  SUPPORT Christian orphanage and Foster homes

A Christian orphanage or foster home is an environment filled with love, nurturing, and security that every child needs for sound development.

Working with our church partners, Christian orphanages, and Foster homes, our goal is to rescue vulnerable children and get them into our network of Christian ‘homes’ before being sent to a Government facility.

YOUR GIFT can help us accomplish this and will change the trajectory of a child’s life! YOU can give the gift of a loving Christian home for an orphaned child.