Pastoral Training & Support

We orchestrate pastor’s conferences in Ukraine and Central Asia. We also sponsor Gypsy pastors’ conferences in Western Ukraine. We support the training of young Christian leaders by underwriting the costs associated with short-term training methods such as seminars, courses, conferences and correspondence courses.

Resources for Ministries

Churches and ministries have no shortage of vision. What they lack are resources. YOUR support will help us provide much-needed resources such as computers, projectors, sound equipment, vehicles for transportation, publishing materials, sports equipment and much more.


Central Asia

Persecution of Christians is common and severe in Central Asia. Our focus is to assist young church leaders in receiving formal theological education that is not available in their own country.


Prison Ministries

HART believes there is hope for restoration and healing for prisoners, their families, victims and all those who have been impacted by crime. Working with a network of local church partners, HART’s goal is to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration.

Hearing Impaired Ministries

We support ministries focused on assisting those with hearing impairments, providing fellowship in a loving, Christian environment as well as training, employment and summer camp experiences.


Women’s Ministries

HART supports and encourages women’s ministries through our local church partners. Women are typically the spiritual backbone of most evangelical churches in Eastern Europe. We focus on providing conferences, seminars and summer camp programs for them.

Education Scholarship Fund

Families living in poverty cannot afford higher education for their children, and yet most young people desperately want the chance to go to school. They want the dignity of having a job, earning a wage and supporting their families.


Schools for Gypsy Children

The illiteracy rate in most Gypsy communities is 95%. Neither their culture nor the government schools encourage education for these children. HART, in partnership with local churches, has started five schools for Gypsy children who demonstrate a desire to learn. YOUR SUPPORT of this project will change lives and it will transform Gypsy communities.