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Ukraine at War Update 8

Dear Friends, last week, the world was introduced to unspeakable horrors in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. More than 400 men, women, and children are believed to have been killed by retreating Russian troops in what the world has deemed evidence of war crimes.

HART’s reaction to this tragedy was to become one of the first Relief agencies to deliver food to this devastated community. HART’s director Kostya Voloshyn – also heard a plea from the mayor for ambulances. Within days, he purchased two ambulances (pictured above) in Poland and delivered them to Bucha. Yesterday we received an official letter of thanks from the mayor.

…from the mayor of Bucha

From myself personally and from all the people of the Bucha region I want to thank You sincerely for the generous help you provided for our community. Your help is priceless support during these hard times.

Good deeds – are like a lighthouse that shines for those who need help. I am sure your example shows others what they need to do in these hard times of the war. You give not just material help, but you provide hope and faith in our VICTORY.

May your kindness and generosity come back to you many times over. I wish you all the blessings, health, prosperity, and more warmth in your life.

I am hoping for a future fruitful partnership and your support of our community. Sincerely grateful to you for your help. Slava Ukraine.

With respect and gratitude, Mayor/Head of the council, Volodymyr Dubas

I know from conversations with many of you that it’s hard not to feel “helpless” watching this tragedy in Ukraine play out from the comfort of North America. Most of you genuinely want to do something.

Please understand this – when you give to HART you are truly co-labouring with us. We cannot accomplish anything without YOUR prayers and support! Your generosity allowed us to bring food and medical support to this hurting community of Bucha and demonstrate God’s love for them.

YOUR SUPPORT has helped us branch out to areas of ministry we never imagined a few short months ago.

The following project is an example of this.

First Aid Kits

NATO-Standard first aid kits:
In the past two months, the most common requests we are getting from our contacts in Ukraine’s military medical world is for ambulances, body armour for medical personnel – and life-saving First Aid Kits. These kits can be the difference between and life and death for an injured soldier or civilian.

We are ordering and sending hundreds into Ukraine each week for the military, civilians, and chaplains. Our team packages the kits in Warsaw, Poland, and we have them shipped to wherever they are needed most. The cost for one First Aid Kit is $50. Please consider supporting this project. THESE KITS ARE SAVING LIVES!

Give ONLINE: https://hart.ca
Call OFFICE: 403.230.8263
Mail CHECK: 106, 90 Freeport Blvd, NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 5J9