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Ukraine at War Update 9

HELP us provide food to those in desperate need

Dear friends, while the world has rallied around Ukraine over the past two months, for us at HART, being on the ‘ground’ has indeed been a roller coaster ride.

We’ve experienced the gut-wrenching shock at the horrors that transpired in the town of Bucha, but also a profound sense of accomplishment at being one of the first NGOs to enter this town and distribute food to its grateful citizens. We also provided Bucha with two ambulances to help with medical care for this community.

We could not have done this without YOU!

However, we are needed now more than ever in many parts of Ukraine. Russian forces are closing in on several cities, making it harder to get aid into some of the most war-torn regions of Ukraine.

Food is becoming more and more scarce. We have a very limited window of opportunity to get help to the people living in these areas.
Thanks to all of you in HART’s community who want to help us get food to those in need.

Food distribution process – to the war zones

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT – the following is an example of our food distribution process, which on this day was being used to send aid to the people of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

It all starts at our warehouse in Warsaw. Food is purchased at wholesale prices and stockpiled for delivery. Semi-trucks are loaded and sent across the border into Ukraine – to distribution points near cities in the conflict zones.

How food is transported to Eastern Ukraine near the conflict zones.

Church volunteers package the food for delivery to thousands of needy people in the surrounding villages, towns, and cities, wherever the need is greatest. We are even delivering food to Ukrainians living in Russian “occupied” towns/cities through contacts within our church network.

Loving God, loving others.

The resiliency and sacrificial spirit of Ukrainian Christians during this war is simply awe-inspiring. How would we in the West respond if a war was happening in our backyard?

The following is a letter from Pastor Ihor (red jacket in picture above) who, thanks to YOU, has a vehicle that he uses for evacuating civilians from war zones and handdelivering food to needy families.

“We visited Pastor Andriy’s church yesterday. He is a sincere and modest man. His church is helping refugees and all those in need from Kharkiv, Sniherivka, Bashtanka, Bereznovata, Kobzartsi, and Mykolaiv. More than a thousand people have already received help and Christian literature.

Praise God! I would like to add that, God willing, next week, we will revisit Andriy’s church and bring food to the surrounding villages. According to local pastors, about twelve refugees are living in every house. These people suffer from emotional pain caused by what they have been through and need our support. We will try to be good Samaritans for them! Pastor Ihor

Please prayerfully support Pastors like Ihor and Andriy and hundreds of other Christians who are helping those impacted by this terrible war.

Give ONLINE: https://hart.ca
Call OFFICE: 403.230.8263
Mail CHECK: 106, 90 Freeport Blvd, NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 5J9