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Quotes from Children

The following are testimonies and quotes from children in Eastern Europe, who because of YOUR GENEROSITY,
were able to attend summer camps.
People like you have helped us to send thousands of children to camps over the past 16 years.


Thank you very much, because without your material help this camp would not exist. Many children would miss the joy they had in the camp. They would miss Bible knowledge. May the Lord return you more finances than you had spent for the camp.


Thank you very much, I really dreamed to go to camp and my dream has come true!”


Thank you very much, you are very kind, and God loves you for that. You helped a lot of children to become happier, including me. I love you!


I would like to thank for the camp, I loved it a lot. And I will never forget all that I have learned here about God.


I liked the morning exercises, quiet time with God and evening discussions. I started to talk more with other people and started to spend more time with God in prayer and in God’s Word. I would like to thank that you gave me this opportunity to go to camp. May God reward you for your kindness, generosity, care, love to us and gives you His mercy.


The testimonies of people, who have found God, inspired me. I realize that there is nothing impossible for the Lord. Thank you for organizing such an amazing project!”


I have gone to the camp for the first time this year. It was wonderful. It was also the first time when I saw real Canadians. At that moment, I was so sorry that I was not good at English and it was difficult for me to understand them, but we had wonderful translators, who helped us. The Canadians taught us to cook tasty dishes. Our cooks cooked so good, I bet we ate better food than in any restaurant. The director of our camp Mariya is very kind and loving. I made a plenty of new friends in the camp. I hope I will go there next year.”


I liked our summer camp very much! I was even sailing on a small boat. We played a lot of team-games. It was interesting. Apart from this, we had blessed prayers at the bonfire. Once we prepared a short play with other kids and presented it. We also watched cartoons about Jesus. May God bless you!”

This year I liked that guests from Canada came to visit us in a camp. I am very grateful to you and pray for you every day. It was the best retreat I’ve ever had! Look forward to the next summer camp!


It was amazing summer! I will never forget it. The nature near the lake is just wonderful. We played fascinating games, sang songs and made crafts. The water in the lake is so transparent. We could even see the bottom. I thank God for protecting us. And I’m grateful to you for your help! It’s a miracle that the Lord has opened your hearts to us. God loves you!

From the bottom of my heart I thank God for you and for your generous hearts for this camp. May God bless you and reward you a hundred times!

I liked new songs, quiet time with God and snacks. I learned that I need to spend more time with God. I now understand that God is on Earth and in Heaven that every second He is with me. I would like to thank you that you helped me to get to know God closer at this camp.


It’s my second time in such camps, The atmosphere was amazing. A lot of new acquaintances have been made. I liked the day program, especially Bible studying hours. I was surrounded by precious love and care of volunteers. Thanks to all this, I have made the most important decision in my life – I’ve committed my life to Christ and became reconciled with the Lord.


It was the first time in the camp that she got to know God. She had never heard of the Gospel before. She was listening to the words of salvation every day. One day she approached our ministers and asked: “How can I receive salvation? What should I do to be saved?” We explained everything to her and she was praying with the prayer of repentance. She has changed so radically by the end of the camp. The girl was telling everyone that she had found her best friend – Jesus Christ.


Oksana took a second prize in a contest was so excited to receive a toy, she cried out “Today is my Birthday! And I have always been dreaming about having a soft toy for my birthday!”


I thought you wouldn’t be able to teach me anything new about marriage. Especially since we already have some experience and other couples are so young, but now I have to ask you for forgiveness. For I was wrong! You have taught me more about family life during these few days, than I have learnt over my entire life. Thank you!


Thank you very much, because without your material help this camp would not exist. Many children would miss the joy they had in the camp. They would miss Bible knowledge. May the Lord return you more finances than you had spent for the camp.


Thank you very much for such a wonderful time. I usually don’t have opportunity to have a rest anywhere that’s why this camp is a very nice present from my dear friends from Canada. May god bless you with strong health and I love you very much.


Thank you very much, my dear sponsor for this camp. I would like you to see me and to see you as well. I am praying for you constantly!

l would like to thank sponsors that they helped us to go to such a camp and it would be great if they could also try to be with us here.


I liked games, songs and I also like that I found a lot of new friends. I learned that I can be an honest friend and that I can be kinder to others. I would like to thank sponsors for such a happy camp for the opportunity to go to camp. Thank you that I learned so much about myself and about God.

A Church minister of Vinnytsia Region

“I saw a real practical and effective project for families. I and my wife want to organize a similar one in our church”. A father of many children also shared his impressions: “I took this time to be with my kids, to work together with them. It is so important for us. I’ve personally got a great experience. Want to come here again!”