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Quotes from scholarship recipients

(Physics. He and his family are refugees from the war in Eastern Ukraine.)
“To go back to my hometown Donetsk, where my church had been blown away by missiles seemed the worst option to me. However, my dream university in Kyiv was unaffordable. My family didn’t have enough money for this. So I was preparing myself for the worst, however not giving up on my dream and asking God to intervene.

When we got to know that there were people willing to pay for my education, joy filled our hearts! It seemed too miraculous to be true! But you brought that miracle into life. Your sacrificial hearts became a great blessing for our family!

Thank you and God bless you!”

Mykola (Paramedic)
I am a student at the Rivne Medical College.
Since childhood, I wanted to help people who are in difficult situations. Thanks to my future profession as a Paramedic, I will be able to save hundreds or even thousands of lives with the help of God.

I will also be able to introduce people to God, because in difficult circumstances people often look to God for help and someone who will listen to their problems. This is my Savior. He will help all who will turn to Him.

I want to thank you for making my childhood dream come true. Every day is one step, which brings me closer to it.. Thank You! Wishing you God’s blessings!

Yaroslava (Medical College – Nurse)
A year and a half ago, I didn’t know what my life was going to be in the future and whether I would be able to study somewhere, because my family couldn’t afford to pay tuition fees. I am so happy and grateful that I got to know about the education fund and was able to receive financial support.

I will have a profession that will be useful for people in the future. I am so grateful to the people who help me and through whom God does His work! When I face difficulties, this help is one of the biggest testimonies for me that God takes care of me in different ways and He never leaves me.

Pavlo(Computer programmer)
My mom raised me alone. She has been disabled from her childhood. Financial difficulties compelled me to ask the education program for help.
Thanks to your support I can study in the institution on the department that I chose. I am getting closer to my dream of becoming a good programmer and to have a good future.

Tanya (Hairdresser)
I’m studying at the Dybno “College of culture and art” to be a hairdresser. I needed to ask for help from the Education program because my step parents are not able to pay for my studying. Thanks for this financial support! Because I will have a higher education I will easily find a job, so I will be able to help my family financially.

I am now serving people with disabilities and with my profession I will help such people even more. Also, I will spend a lot of time with non-Christian people, and I will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

“I am deeply grateful to HART for your financial support! I was asking God to answer my prayers with hope. I was extremely happy when I found out I had been given a scholarship because it would give me a chance to continue my studies. I got a second breath and I understood that God is alive and people in Christ are not indifferent. It encourages me to study hard. Glory be to God for everything!”

Natalya (chef)
(Her parents lost parental rights, usually because of alcohol, drugs or abuse). Natalya and 2 siblings lived in a foster home. She has moved out to go to school.)
Because my parents are not able to help me and I needed money for living and studying, I applied to the Education program. Your support is a huge help. Part of this money I use to buy household things and the balance covers my studying costs.

I am getting closer to my dream. I can say that I see myself as a successful cook in the future, who will bring a little bit of joy to people’s lives.
This profession will help my family always be fed.

Thank you to all the sponsors who help me and a lot of other people like me. Your help is very important to us. Sometimes when we have no money at all, your support is like an answer from God. He takes care of everything. Thank you one more time for your compassionate hearts.

Nastya (English Translator)
Financial circumstances forced me to seek help from this Education program. After my parents’ death, I lived with my grandmother, and we didn’t have money for my university.

Thank you so much for your help! The biggest part of my expenses I can cover with your money. Without it, my studying and living would be impossible!

Because my family couldn’t afford to pay for my tuition, I told God that if it was His will, he would help me and provide financial support. I received a phone call a week before submitting the application documents and I was told about the Education program, so God answered my prayer this way. He always takes care of me so I am deeply grateful to Him and glorify Him. May God richly bless you! Thank you very much for your help! With love and respect.

Since we initiated the HART Education Scholarship Fund in 2016, HART’s community of generous donors like YOU are giving the GIFT of EDUCATION to about 120 underprivileged young adults each year.

Please prayerfully consider supporting these young people for the 2020-21 academic calendar.


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