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Summer Camp in Ukraine

Each year – because of the support of people across Canada and the USA – we have been sending up to 10,000 underprivileged children from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries to summer camps.

Thanks to YOU – these are kids who will go to camps each summer.
Children from orphanages, foster homes, street kids, gypsy villages; children with special needs, those from desperately poor families including refugees and children living in the war zones in Eastern Ukraine.

The results from these camps?
Thousands of stories of CHANGED LIVES AND FAMILIES!

A typical day at a summer camp in Eastern Europe.
Overview of HART summer camps.
Here is what pastors in Ukraine are saying about the importance of summer camps.
HART documentary clip on summer camps. Bohdana & Roman’s story.
Young people who went to Christian camps as children.
A young girl’s story about how important camps are.