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Ukraine at War – Update 10, 2023

Hi Office, thank you for being a part of our HART community as we together stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the churches and people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom and democracy.

For the past sixteen months, it has been a privilege for us to serve as a channel of your generosity amidst this ongoing war. Right now, we would like to highlight a couple of our most urgent needs, which two
generous HART donors have graciously offered to match contributions made towards them.


The magnitude of trauma endured by people of all ages in Ukraine is difficult to comprehend. The lasting impact on mental health is expected to persist for decades. Recognizing the crucial need for healing, we firmly believe that Christian summer camps play a vital role in initiating the recovery process for children affected by this war.

Our objective is to send thousands of children to these camps during the June-July-August, where they will hear the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We will soon be starting the process of transferring funds to support camps throughout Ukraine. With YOUR support, each church will be able to invite a significantly larger number of children to their respective camps, amplifying the impact of this healing initiative. Please consider supporting and/or keeping these camps in your prayers.


Amidst this devastating war, churches across Ukraine continue to demonstrate God’s love in action, not just in words. One pastor shared this, “I will never forget the words of my friends who left the destroyed
city of Mariupol, ‘Despite how much evil and devastation, sorrow and tears, we have seen during this time, we have also encountered remarkable acts of goodness, warmth, God’s miracles, and mercy through people from the churches.’”

Your support will enable HART to continue resourcing our network of churches throughout Ukraine to bring hope and healing to countless displaced adults and children.