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Ukraine at War Update 11

Current greatest need – FOOD

Greetings! thanks to you and everyone in our HART Community in Canada and the USA for your care and concern for the Ukrainian people. You are saving lives every day by assisting HART to provide relief aid like food, clothing, shelter, clean water, and medical aid to men, women, and children suffering from this war.

However, we are facing a dire situation for which we need your help. After almost three months of war, damaged infrastructure is causing problems with supply lines, and Ukraine is now facing a food shortage,
particularly in the Eastern part of the country near the war zones.

Bombs have destroyed many grocery stores, and the ones that remain open are poorly stocked. Tragically, there are even reports of Russian soldiers firing on civilians waiting in store lines to purchase food.

Your support will allow us to send more truckloads of food from Poland to the Eastern part of Ukraine. The food is distributed to our network of churches, packaged up, and then hand-delivered to 10s of thousands of the neediest people in their communities.

Church van with food packages to deliver

Food for people in liberated villages

Meals for people in Kharhiv subway bomb shelters

Your support is feeding refugee children and providing families with food packages.


Shocking video of destruction

This video is a drone aerial view of a town in the Kherson region. The scale of destruction that rained down on this community by Russian artillery is hard to believe. This was not a military target; it was home to innocent civilians.

Most of the townspeople were able to escape and fled toward the west. Understandably, they need counseling after the horrors they’ve witnessed, which is why churches throughout central and western Ukraine have staff and volunteers working 24/7 to comfort, talk and pray with thousands of displaced families as they work through their trauma.

The power of love and sacrifice demonstrated by the Christian community during this crisis has been extraordinary. Please keep them and the hurting people they minister to, in your prayers.

Needed: child sponsors

Currently, we have about 1,000 children in our Child Sponsor Program (CSP) in Ukraine. Because of the love and care from sponsors in Canada and the USA, this program is transforming the lives of children every day.

One of our caseworkers sent us the following note…

Dear HART team, the CSP families did not expect food packages during this war, but you are always there for them at any moment of their life. Therefore, words fail us to tell you how grateful we all are to you and the sponsors. May God continue to bless your ministry in Ukraine! We love and pray for you! Natalia

In the coming months, we are looking forward to sharing our exciting vision for the CSP program in Ukraine once this war has ended. In the meantime, we have about 25 children who are waiting for sponsors. Please go to our website and prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor.


Water for the city of Mykolaiv

“For I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.” – Matthew 25:35

Almost three months of war in Ukraine have devastated both water and electricity networks, leaving millions of people without access to safe water in the east of the country.

HART was able to provide a solution to the water problem in a region of the city of Mykolaiv. We are purchasing these huge reservoirs (pictured above), which are placed strategically in needy sections of the city. Water trucks fill them up each night for consumption during the day.

For more detailed information on how HART is serving Ukraine during this war, go here …


What can YOU do?

Each and every one of you who turns your face towards the suffering of children and families in conflict zones and responds with open hands and generous hearts – because of you, these Ukrainians feel loved in some of their darkest moments. We’re honored to do this work and take you along with us.

  1. PRAY. Please continue to pray for suffering families in Ukraine. Pray as well for our faithful church partners and teams as they work together to meet both physical and spiritual needs.
  2. GIVE. Your donations to Refugee AID/Crisis will be used in one or a variety of the areas mentioned above. They are all critically important.
  3. SHARE. Please send this post to your friends and family. Thanks!