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Support Churches in Ukraine

They will provide support for evangelism through children’s, youth, family, and women’s ministries.

They will support Evangelism ministries to Russian prisoners of war.

Assist summer camps to reach refugee children and help kids start healing from the trauma they’ve all experienced.

Support ministries who visit soldiers in hospitals, provide food packages and hygiene supplies and share God’s love.

Support for military chaplains serving soldiers and civilians at the front lines.

Support the spiritual development of ministry leaders through seminars and training.

Finances for short-term retreats for ministry leaders (and spouses) to recharge their physical and spiritual batteries.

Assisting refugees (IDPs): food, clothing, housing (rent), hygiene products, medicines, etc.

Providing relief aid for large families, orphans, widows, the elderly, and the disabled in the Church’s community.

Purchase aid for the military: food, clothing, medicine, first aid kits.

Churches will send Humanitarian aid teams to help people who live in ‘liberated’ territories or front-line regions.

Repair vehicles that transport food & supplies to the front lines and evacuate people near the conflict zones.

Use of funds for evacuating people from occupied, dangerous, or recently liberated Ukrainian territories.

Churches can pay the heating and electrical bills to cover the costs of being open 24/7 to serve refugees and their communities.

Pay for costs associated with converting churches into hostels. Purchasing bedding, food, clothing and medicines.

Repair or renovate churches damaged by shelling or caused by the refugee influx.

Organizing ‘points of heating,’ hubs for warmth and feeding people, when infrastructure has been destroyed by shelling.

Funds are used for purchasing generators, propane heating elements, and power stations for heating “hubs.”

Assist families whose husbands and sons are currently at war or have died (food, medical, material, moral support).

Organize daycare centers for IDPs, single moms (husbands in the military), and poor children in the church’s community.

YOUR SUPPORT empowers and equips national churches, to be
Christ’s hands and feet throughout this terrible war.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!