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HART 2020 Online Auction

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The intended purpose is to use these funds to support summer camp programs in Eastern Europe. The objective is to bless thousands of underprivileged children with a summer camp experience.

However, there is a distinct possibility the Government of Ukraine could ban all summer camp programs in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With this in mind, HART has come up with 3 options for the funds raised through this Virtual Auction.

If summer camps in Ukraine are allowed this year, the funds will be invested in the usual camping programs with our partner churches in Eastern Europe.

If the government of Ukraine disallows summer camp programs this year, the funds could be parked into an exclusive account and used for next year’s camps.

Should the COVID-19 morph into something quite serious in Ukraine, the underlying critical need for these kids and their families will be medical and relief aid. We would then use the funds to this end.