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Gifts of Hope

Gifts of Hope projects:


Prison Ministries

Prison Ministries HART believes there is hope for restoration and healing for prisoners, their families, victims and...

Central Asia Ministries

Central Asian Ministries Persecution of Christians is common and severe in Central Asia. They face persecution, including...

Resources for Churches

Resources for Churches An existing church or a new church plant requires great leadership, vision, hard work...

Church-Ministries Support

YOUR GIFT will empower National churches to grow, as they transform their communities through the ministries of...

Church Buildings

Impacting a community happens best when a church is rooted deeply in its own community, thus church...

Schools for Gypsy Children

The illiteracy rate in most Gypsy communities is 95%. Neither their culture nor the government schools encourage...

Education Scholarship Fund

Families living in poverty cannot afford higher education for their children, and yet most young people desperately...